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What some of my clients say

"I came to see John-Paul when I was going through a rather tricky period that was causing a lot of anxiety, anger, guilt and self-doubt. I think I can honestly say my life would look very different if I hadn’t had his calming, confidence-instilling, soothing help. He is incredibly gifted at listening to what I had to say and then helping me re-orient it so that I could evaluate whether the way I was thinking and feeling was helpful to me. This was all done without being lectured at or judged; it was a conversation and one that always made me come away feeling enlightened. Over time we were reinforcing the strategies and thought patterns from previous sessions so that they could properly bed in and help me approach situations that could be triggering differently. He has also really helped me to be much kinder to myself and to recognise and celebrate my achievements both within and without. I would recommend him to anyone. "

"I had spent all of my adult life with severe anxiety that consistently and significantly impaired both my personal and professional life. I found John-Paul to be a truly excellent therapist who helped guide me towards an understanding of my anxious thoughts, and set me on the path to making sure I could soothe myself. I never thought it would be possible, but I am now medication free and feeling happier, safer and more confident than ever. I would wholeheartedly recommend John-Paul to anyone seeking a therapist, and will always be grateful for his help."

"I feel that John-Paul is an exceptional therapist who has helped me to emerge from a place of anxiety, grief and loss, to a heartfelt place of love and possibilities. Throughout our therapeutic relationship John-Paul has demonstrated a deep sense of trustworthiness, respect, compassion, empathy, openness, authenticity and warmth. John-Paul has provided a safe haven where I have felt listened to in a non-judgemental way, I have felt truly heard and understood, and I have felt a sense of soothing and acceptance when expressing strong emotions. I am so grateful to have experienced the healing power of this therapeutic relationship."

"The truth is that I was in a dreadful and quite scary mess when I chose John-Paul. When you are in very scary place you are looking for light and life, even if it seems to be in someone else’s eyes. There is plenty of challenge in someone being so observant: he does not miss anything. He creates a very safe space in which you can gradually rediscover the complexities of being yourself. You might have been prepared to come to terms with the tough stuff; but John-Paul creates a space in which you can face reality, including the joy of living …even when you had almost forgotten what it was."

"Having suffered with a general anxiety disorder (GAD) for the past 10 years, I decided to seek some help to manage my mental state and to try and understand why it happens to me. I was recommended John-Paul by a friend and am so grateful she pointed me in his direction. During the time that I have been visiting John-Paul, I have been able to learn so much about myself and my anxieties. John-Paul has provided me with a sense of self belief that has been lacking for several years, in addition, some great tools to help me manage my everyday life experiences. I can honestly say that I feel happier in myself than I have been for as long as I can remember, I have learned to like myself again and believe in my abilities to achieve my goals. My family have also commented on how much happier “better” I look and appear. I can not recommend John-Paul highly enough, he has helped me turn my life around and start enjoying each day, whatever it may throw at me."

"I have benefited enormously from my time with John-Paul. His approach made me feel very calm and relaxed and that nothing I had to say was embarrassing or shameful. I found John-Paul to be very talented at listening and unearthing the prescient points from what I said, highlighting areas that I'd not considered but which were very illuminating. His skills have enabled me to feel far less anxious and have improved my confidence and feeling of self-worth no end. I would highly recommend his services and have indeed done so to friends and colleagues; before starting the sessions with John-Paul, I may have been a little reticent to tell them that I'd sought the services of a psychotherapist, let alone recommend one to them - such is the change in my view!"

“To be honest I went to see John-Paul because someone else said I needed to. I thought therapy wasn’t for me. I’d genuinely now recommend it to anyone though. John-Paul has helped me to open up and to look at things differently, understand both mine and others’ actions and see why I’ve come to this point in my life. Accepting myself and others has in turn really helped me move forward in the way that I want. I’m told I’ve also become a more loving partner on the way. John-Paul combines real empathy and expertise with a straightforwardness and humour that actually makes the process easy, even enjoyable.”

"I can't recommend John-Paul enough. He made the whole process of 'seeing a therapist' easy. The sessions helped me find clarity of thought again and move through a really rough patch unscathed. I regularly touch back to strategies and coping mechanisms built in those sessions. John-Paul is a genuine, calm, kind and approachable person who is well versed in creating a comfortable, safe and open environment. I remain truly grateful to him and wouldn't hesitate to return in the future."

"John-Paul's work with me over the last couple of years has truly been a lifeline through a difficult period. The 'trusted place' that he provides really is that; a space where there is never any judgement, and where one feels totally safe. John-Paul is 100% professional, reliable, welcoming and kind, and I couldn't recommend him enough."

“Before I met John-Paul I was lacking direction in my life. Through our coaching sessions I’ve become aware of my limiting beliefs, worked out what my most important values are in both work and relationships and moved through many of my internal barriers to happiness in my life. I’ve learned practical tools to take responsibility for my own development, prioritise and set goals and improved my relationships both with myself and others. I would absolutely recommend John-Paul to anyone looking to make changes and have already done so to a few friends.”

"I reached out to John-Paul seeking help for a specific issue from my past, and expectations were far exceeded. He helped me examine the past and present in a positive way, and as a result of the therapy I feel in control and centred with greater self awareness than ever before. I would personally recommend John-Paul to anyone seeking a better understanding of themselves and better ways to manage and interpret their lives."

"I found John-Paul very easy to talk to, he always listened attentively to what I had to say and every session was a safe space to work through whatever was on my mind. He has a way of asking questions which allows for exploration, yet is never uncomfortable. I benefitted hugely from my therapy with him and I would recommend him to anyone looking for therapy."

"During my therapy I have felt very held, seen and challenged in a gentle way. I've appreciated the funny moments in our sessions and have loved the laughter we've had. I feel like I've been able to understand my own pain better in seeing it reflected in you. And that has given me opportunity to heal. Thank you so much."

If any other clients are reading this for any reason and would like to add something, please do just email it to me, I'd be really grateful and happy to add to the above.

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