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Counselling, Psychotherapy, Life Coach and Author in Cobham (near Oxshott, Byfleet, Claygate, Epsom, Guildford, Kingston, Surbiton, Thames Ditton, Leatherhead, Ripley, Weybridge, Esher, Woking, Bookham, Fetcham, Hersham and Walton-on-Thames)

Welcome to my website. I am an experienced BACP registered, UKCP accredited counsellor and psychotherapist practising individual (not couples) counselling and psychotherapy and life coaching full-time in both London and Surrey. I work in Cobham (near to Oxshott, Esher, Leatherhead, Weybridge, Ripley, Bookham, Fetcham, Hersham and Walton-on-Thames, Byfleet, Claygate, Epsom, Guildford, Kingston, Surbiton, Thames Ditton and Woking.)  

On the page headed "Will this help?" are some of the important ways that I believe psychotherapy, counselling and coaching can help you. Because I sometimes have a bit of a waiting list for new clients, I've also written a self-help book called Finding a Balanced Connection which is available here on Amazon and in the Cobham Book Shop. Excerpts from reviews of my book on include:

“...totally wonderful and inspiring... I think this book will change the way you see and go about your life."

"This book, like the author, could be a life saver, and is certainly a life enhancer. It is full of analysis, structure, logic, and wisdom; hence a good companion if and when you are running short of some of that stuff. It is the perfect gift for every friend who questions themselves."

"Great inspiring read... It's written in an engaging, no-nonsense style that is down to earth without any psychobabble or "fluff" that really appeals and helps believe that things are really possible. Highly recommended."

“Grounded and heartfelt. Totally non-patronising, sensible and practical. This is a book full of compassion and wisdom in a format that's easy to read and to apply...he will help to change the way you relate to yourself and others.”

“For anyone on the journey to finding a better way of being...especially for those looking to increase the wellbeing and balance in their lives, be it through anxiety, depression or just generally... immediately accessible, straightforward to read and relate to ones own experience...ideal for anyone looking to review and work on their own personal wellbeing, I think it also may be a really good read if you are thinking about seeking professional counselling to help put your life in context and decide if you do need that extra level of support. Most of all though, I liked the practical straightforward writing style. It was like your most helpful teacher taking you through something emotional, but making it normal and a comfortable place to be.”

"As someone who has experience of anxiety, I can see how helpful this book is... Highly recommended - it's not hardcore or forced or scary - it's actually a pleasure to read."

“'s not often reading a non-fiction book that I find it hard to put the book down... Recommend this book to anyone who wants their mind to be a nicer place to be!”

I've had a short animation produced to show the basic principles of the book (please feel free to share it):

I’ve also written articles related to well-being for various media outlets that you can read here.

See my profiles on the Counselling Directory and on the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy), Find a Therapist, BUPA (their recommended specialist directory) and BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) websites. I am also a member of the Surrey Counselling and Psychotherapy Initiative (SCPI).

Good psychotherapy, counselling or life coaching can each enable you to experience life more in the way you want to. The issues bringing you to this site will be standing in the way of this, but it can change. I don't believe that anyone is predestined to be a certain "type" of person, to behave in, or feel, a particular way, or to live a certain life. Growth and change are always possible. That said, sometimes much of the work can be about us just appreciating and valuing more of who we currently are and what we already have in our life.

There is a real and unique potential for both healing and change held in the trusting relationship between psychotherapist/counsellor/life coach and client. The same issues arise for different reasons in each person. In psychotherapy or counselling, we learn how unique elements are creating your symptoms or causing you to feel unsatisfied, distressed or struggle. We'll look at how this can be different in your day to day life in order for you to shape life in the way you want. In life coaching, the aim is much the same, but there is less time spent exploring and linking with the past to understand the present and much more emphasis on setting goals for future achievement. For more detail on the differences between psychotherapy, counselling and working with a life coach, please refer to my Frequently Asked Questions page.

My training combined traditional psychotherapy theory with more contemporary techniques. This enables your individuality to be reflected in our work together. We would work in a style designed to suit you. My "Qualifications" page contains full details of my experience and qualifications. I have a broad range of clients and have worked successfully with issues including the following:

addictions and compulsions,
anger management,
attachment issues (intimacy, commitment,etc.),
abuse issues (emotional, physical and sexual),
body image,
divorce and separation,
effects of working in a high-pressured corporate environment,
family issues,
feeling stuck,
grief and loss,
lack of meaning and purpose,
life coaching for personal and professional goals,
men's issues,
relationship difficulties (not couples counselling though),
self-esteem and self-confidence,
sex and sexuality,
stress and stress-management,
who am I?
work related issues,
working in the City

Just to clarify, I don't work with anyone under the age of 16, or couples (which includes bringing a partner in as part of individual therapy), or families. Except in the case of young people, to maintain boundaries, I also only speak to the person who will actually be coming to therapy and not anyone calling on their behalf, for example, partners.

The venues I work from are all comfortable and conducive to positive psychotherapeutic work and work as a life coach. Both are conveniently located for public transport and have parking nearby. My Cobham venue is just off Cobham High Street and is convenient for Oxshott, Esher, Leatherhead, Weybridge, Ripley, Bookham, Fetcham, Hersham, Walton-on-Thames, Byfleet, Claygate, Epsom, Guildford, Kingston, Surbiton, Thames Ditton and Woking. Postcodes covered by the various venues include KT7, KT8, KT10, KT11, KT12, KT13, KT14, W1 and W2.

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I am a psychotherapist, counsellor and life coach working with all of the above issues in Cobham (convenient for Oxshott, Bookham, Fetcham, Leatherhead, Ripley, Esher, Hersham, Weybridge, Walton-on-Thames, Byfleet, Claygate, Epsom, Guildford, Kingston, Surbiton, Thames Ditton and Woking), Surrey.

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